All They’ll See Is Your New Smile...

New Patient Dental Implant Special

  • Consultation With Our Implant Expert

  • Panoramic X-Ray

  • Dental Examination

  • ​Diagnostics & Treatment Plan

Smile With Confidence In 2024

Save Big In July And Claim Your Free Dental Implant Consultation

  • Consultation With Implant Expert

  • Digital X-rays

  • Dental Examination

  • ​Diagnostics & Treatment Plan

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*Please note, dental implants are NOT covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

Dental Implants Transform More Than Just Your Smile...

The Best Dental Procedure I've Ever Had!

~ Emma Curtis

Hear From More Patients Just Like Emma!

"Most impressive practice I've gone to"

~ Kwame

"I have had two implants done!"

~ Chris

"My teeth are absolutely perfect"

~ Ashley

"I found a Dentist that cared about me"

~ Scory

Why Dental Implants?

The number one thing that we hear from all of our patients is that dental implants have been life-changing.

They're no longer embarrassed and now have confidence to smile around their loved ones, co-workers, and friends. Plus they can eat whatever they want.

Imagine not having to hide your teeth or wear a denture that does not fit or look good.

How great that would feel?

With proper care, implants can last a lifetime.

This makes DENTAL IMPLANTS less expensive in the long-term compared to other treatment options that may need to be replaced several times such as a bridge or denture.

Ready to smile confidently knowing you have your full set of teeth back?

Dental Implants Are Life Changing

  • Feels Real. Looks Just Like Original Teeth.

  • Looks Real. Feels Like Real Teeth In Your Mouth.

  • Eat Anything. You Can Eat ANYTHING You Want.

Ready To Restore Your Beautiful Smile?

Delaware Smile Center is one of only three offices in the entire state of Delaware offering IV sedation dentistry...

It's No Wonder why patients come to us from all across Delaware!

Dr. Saqib Usmani

Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry

Dr. Saqib Usmani provides a range of comprehensive and cosmetic dentistry treatments here at Delaware Smile Center, including porcelain veneers and teeth whitening. He is known for his compassionate and thorough approach to patient care, and he works closely with the rest of our dedicated family dentistry team to provide the best experience possible.

Dr. Usmani completed his undergraduate coursework at Temple University in Philadelphia, earning a degree in Biology. Following in the footsteps of his father, Dr. Usmani decided to pursue a career in dentistry. After being accepted into Temple’s School of Dentistry, he chose to enroll in their DMD/MBA Dual Degree Program. An exceptional student, Dr. Usmani graduated at the top of his class while at the same time earning a Masters in Business Administration in just four years.

After graduating from dental school, Dr. Usmani accepted a position at Christiana Care’s General Practice Residency in Wilmington, Delaware. Dr. Usmani is an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the Academy of Osseointegration. Currently he is on staff at Christiana Hospital serving as attending faculty for the General Practice Residency Program.

Trusted by Patients. Proven by Results. Chosen with Confidence.

Hear from other patients just like you who trust us with their smile

All They’ll See Is Your

New Smile...

Imagine not having to worry about smiling, avoiding your favorite foods, sore gums, denture glue, having to place your teeth in a cup, or having your teeth come out during a meal.

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